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Research Summary

The goal of research summaries is to present clearly and concisely the most important parts of a study so that a tutor or reviewer can easily understand its purpose and results. Below are the parts of a research summary and a guide on what should be included in it:

I. Preliminary Materials

Title.This should clearly indicate exactly what is being studied. It serves as a glimpse of what the reader can expect from the research.
Table of Contents.This lists the sections, sub-headings, tables, graphs, appendices and their respective page numbers.

II. Main Body

Introduction.This part of research summaries states the purpose of the research as well as the thesis statement. This will determine the place of the research within the knowledge available in the field.
Literature Review.You may either choose a chronological format to present the earliest to the latest research related to your study, or choose a thematic method where you will outline various themes amongst the literature regarding the topic.
Methodology.Here you will mention the research method you used in gathering data for the research. You may also mention the instruments you used to collect the data. This must be clearly written so that another researcher can duplicate your research if need be.
Results.It contains the findings of the study after you have collected the data.
DiscussionThis discusses the relevance of the study's results and how it fits in with other research in the field of study. You may relate back to your thesis statement and literature review at this time.
Conclusion.This summarises the significant findings of the research assignment. Do not introduce new information at this point. You can also discuss any limitations of your research and the areas where further research can be conducted.

III. Recommendations. Recommendations. Supplementary Materials

List of References.It includes all print, electronic and other references you have used or consulted in your research. Write this following the proper referencing style set by your professor or department.
Appendices.Contains all exhibits, supporting documents relating directly to data or information you have given in the research. Each appendix should be clearly marked and labelled.

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