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Proofreading and editing service

Are you confident with your essay but is not confident enough to submit it yet?

Essay Writer can boost your confidence over the quality of your work!

Although most word processing applications have their own spelling and grammar checks, it is not enough! Many of the suggestions of these built-in grammar checks are inaccurate. Excellent essays would need first-rate editorial reviews. Polish your essays to perfection with our broad proofreading and editing service.

Our team of top-quality proofreaders will make sure your essay will have

A comprehensive check for spelling, grammar and punctuation
A complete plagiarism scan, FREE
A feedback returned with a mark sheet for specific comments and suggestions
Comments on points that need to be improved
A thorough evaluation on referencing, organization and flow
A feedback on how to further develop your topic


You won't have to worry about the elaborate process of proofreading because we will do it for you. At Essay Writer, it will be like having your own team of proofreaders and editors checking over your work.

Order your custom essay now from a reputable UK company!
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