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Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing skills serve as one of the most important things you will need to learn as a student. Writing assignments are perhaps the most common type of work you will be assigned especially in university. Some essay projects are designed with the aim of having you do research on it, which is why you are allowed to write on it outside of the classroom.

Other essays are done in-class as a way to test how students communicate their thoughts on the spot or given a limited amount of time. For this you will need to hone your essay writing skills. Essay Writer, with our experience as a trusted and reliable academic writing service provider, will help you do so through the following essay writing tips:


  • Prepare for your exam. Practice writing on topics regarding the course that interest you. This exercise will give you the confidence to start putting down your ideas on paper as well as help you retain knowledge of some of the material you have covered. As you get used to writing, doing the same on exam day will not seem so intimidating.
  • Read and analyse instructions carefully. Your knowledge of the subject alone will not guarantee you good written exam results. You must satisfactorily be able to communicate a thorough and sound understanding of the question and insight into the topic. Know what is expected of you when asked to define, identify, evaluate, explain, illustrate, classify, prove, review, support, compare or contrast and do exactly as told.
  • Plan your time. If answering just one question, decide how much time you are going to spend in developing each part of your essay. For multiple questions, prioritise questions that you feel you know best or give more marks than others.
  • State ideas clearly. After reading a question, take several minutes to write down everything you know about it and create an outline that covers all aspects of the question. Afterwards, create a thesis statement and address each point on your working outline. Use transitional statements to connect one idea to another, and topic sentences to show what each paragraph is about. Each topic sentence should serve to support the thesis statement. The concluding paragraph should logically connect from the thesis and serves to close your discussion on the topic.
  • Revise and proofread. Factor in revision and editing into your time budget. Have a quick check on whether all ideas have been mentioned as intended and supported adequately. Make sure the grammar, spelling and punctuation are all correct to avoid miscommunication at best or deduction of your total marks.


Should you need further guidance in honing your essay writing skills for a specific subject, seek help from Essay Writer's specialists in 80 main subject areas. Whether you need help with writing essays, developing a thesis, creating arguments in support of the thesis or gathering data and statistics to back up your arguments, Essay Writer can help you in every stage of the essay writing process.

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