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Essay Structure

An essay as an academic requirement can take on various purposes and approaches. A student may be tasked to argue for a particular point of view, educate the reader on a specific topic, explain how a specific result is achieved or talk about the necessary steps in completing a task. However, the basic essay structure will remain the same.

A student is likely to achieve higher marks if the essay ideas are presented clearly, written concisely and organised through an essay structure. Essay writer's specialists from various UK universities have put together the following guide on how to structure an essay that you can use when you plan your essay:

  • How to start an essay. Create an introduction that gives a clear idea of what you aim to accomplish in the essay and briefly mention some of its main points. The reader should have an overview of the argument to give the impression that you have carefully thought about the question or topic.
  • The main body. This is the part where you will explain, argue or describe the topic at length. An ideal paragraph structure in essay writing is to have one paragraph for each main idea. The paragraph should start by setting out the main point of your discussion for that specific paragraph. This will be followed by supporting points that expand and back up each idea with relevant details and examples.
  • How to finish your essay. Create conclusion that summarises the main points of the essay. Remind the reader of your argument or position by discussing each point briefly. If appropriate to the type of essay you are writing, write a final decision or judgement regarding the issue. Do not introduce new ideas into the conclusion, as this part should only be a reminder of what you have covered throughout the essay.

To check whether you have achieved a clear essay structure, try writing a one-sentence summary of what each paragraph is about. Should you find that you are unable to write just one sentence for each paragraph, you may need to create a separate paragraph to expand the other points.

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