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Knowing how to write clearly and accurately according to the conventions of academic writing is an important skill you need to learn as most of your academic work will involve writing. Academic writing requires a concise, grammatically correct and logical answer to a question in a report, essay or exam. A well written and well thought-out piece should make it clear to the marker that you have read widely and gained knowledge about the topic. This is not only true for Sociology essays, but for coursework in most fields of study.

Being able to produce a good piece comes at the price of thorough and meticulous research, planning and careful attention to details, which will require a lot of time and preparation. There are a lot of resources you can draw from to complete an essay. You can ask your tutor for clarifications if you are unclear about the details of the question. You can read books and articles on peer reviewed journals on the topic. You may also talk to professionals for their expert opinion.

Another important resource is Sociology essay examples from a leading academic writing services provider such as Essay Writer. Written by academics with experience on the field and in research, Sociology sample essays follow academic writing standards appropriate for your level of study. These will give you a big boost in your writing as it answers the question directly and contains insights from a expert on the topic.

Examples of essays on Sociology, along with the following tips will raise your chances of getting high marks and at the same time reduce the time and effort you spend in preparing for and writing your essay:

  1. Use evidence appropriately. Studying Sociology involves thinking about ideas you are familiar with as you are dealing with your social world such as families, relationships and the media. As a student of Sociology, you will be studying this social world the way a social scientist would. This means you need to look at events occurring in it with fresh eyes, see the ordinary as unfamiliar, and examine how attitudes and habits are formed. You will have to disregard your prejudices and assumptions so you will have a greater understanding of how social relations and institutions are formed. The evidence you will examine will take the form of:
    • Sociological Theory
    • Empirical Studies
    • Concrete Examples
  2. Structure an argument. In order to express your views about the social world, you will need to create arguments to support your position. In writing your essay, you may choose to present ideas in a number of ways:
    • General to specific
    • Chronological, starting from the past up to the present
    • Focus on one area of research and move on to another
    • Comparing


Sociology essays, especially those you are given days or weeks to finish will require more comprehensive discussion and analysis on the topic. This means you may have to explore complex and multiple themes. It is easy to get lost in the confusion, which can make you create a weak argument or muddled argument which does not have sufficient evidence and a clear analysis.

A strong and clear argument involves three things:

  • An introduction that links directly to the question and contains a thesis statement that lets the readers know what the essay is all about.
  • A body that explores main points of discussion. Each of these points satisfies the requirements of the question. They also expand arguments in support of the thesis statement.
  • A conclusion that ties all the threads of discussion you have given in the body and links it back to the central question. You may broaden the discussion here to include the discussion's implications and opportunities for further research, but you should not introduce new arguments or areas of discussion in the conclusion.
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