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Journalism Essay Examples

Students writing Journalism essays find that it requires a different kind of writing from essays in other courses. This is because essays on Journalism have elements of two kinds of writing fused together: straightforward news reporting seen on newspapers and news magazines and personal essay writing that tells a unique story. Therefore, this kind of essay is best characterised as creative non-fiction-telling a story with a factual basis in reporting.

Writing a Journalism essay requires a particular kind of attitude, approach and research which is why many students have a difficult time with the process. In this situation Journalism essay examples are very useful to make life easier for the student.

Using Health sample essays, together with the following essay writing tips will improve your chances of getting high marks for your essays.

Essay Writer's sample essays on Journalism are written by researchers familiar with academic writing requirements and with significant field experience. They are able to answer the question directly with the knowledge and experience they have. Learning their research methods is also a valuable way to make your writing process easier. Having sample essays on hand will also speed up the writing and research because you already have a list of references that you can use to expand your discussion in the body of the essay.

You can use our Journalism essay examples along with the following tips to increase your chances of getting high marks for your essays:

  • The research process. Every Journalism essay is based on factual evidence. Gathering this requires journalistic skills. Use these to interview resource persons with knowledge or expertise on your topic. Gather every available background information you can use to bring the reader up to speed on what is currently known about the topic.
  • Document your sources. Remember to record your interviews and take note of all data you have used so you can cite them appropriately in your list of references. If applicable and when necessary, you may also take photos so you can better illustrate the points of discussion in your essay. For practical purposes images also help you retain information about the story that you can use in your discussion in the writing stage.
  • Organise your information. After you have gathered background information and all necessary data for the essay you are writing, you should now organise them in a way that your reader will easily understand. Create an outline containing an introduction, body and conclusion. Place key words and phrases under each heading so you will not forget important ideas that need to be discussed. The introduction gives background information on the topic and the thesis statement or the central idea that you are exploring in the essay. In the body you will expand the thesis statement, presenting evidence and examples to illustrate your point. In the conclusion you will summarise the ideas you have discussed in the body and show how your discussion is relevant to the topic.
  • Determine your writing style. Writing Journalism essays allows you creative freedom in using expository language so you can present your story in an interesting and engaging manner. However, since you are doing academic writing you are still expected to write clearly and concisely and to make sure that your assertions can be supported with information that is based on facts and can be verified when needed. Avoid using overly flowery language or words that are too difficult to understand if you can replace these with terms that readers are more familiar with. Your objective is to use language to tell a story, not confuse readers with uncommon terms.

Remember that the focus of Journalistic essay writing is the story being told, with your manner of telling the story being secondary. Strive to keep your readers' interest throughout the essay. For better guidance in writing your essays on Journalism contact us via telephone, email and live chat so we can provide you with custom solutions for your essay writing needs.


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