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Dissertation Table of Contents

One of the essential parts in dissertation writing is a table of contents. This is an ordered list of the chapters included in the dissertation, from the Introduction onwards to the Bibliography and Appendices. The dissertation table of contents allows readers to cross-reference and locate areas of the paper to find specific information.

Here are a few tips on preparing the Dissertation Table of Contents:


  • Include the parts or sections of the dissertation that come after the table of contents
  • Exclude the sections of the dissertation that precede the table of contents such as the Title Page, Abstract, and Acknowledgements
  • Include the bibliography and the appendices
  • Major section headings or chapters should be listed
  • Major sub sections within dissertation chapters should also be included
  • The text of the items listed in the dissertation table of contents should match the exact wording of chapter titles, headings, and sub headings.


Current word processing software can be used to automatically generate a table of contents using the headings utilised in the document. Students should check how this tool works to make the preparation of the dissertation table of contents easier and more accurate.

When formatting the dissertation table of contents, it is recommended to follow the formatting guidelines specified by the university. Students should review their university's dissertation format guidelines prior to creating the documents.


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