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Dissertation Literature Review

Dissertation literature review takes up a significant percentage of dissertation writing. A dissertation literature review signifies a substantial collection of materials related to the topic that is discussed or addressed in the study. It generally includes previous studies done on the topic, as well as those that the researcher considers relevant to the research.

A dissertation literature review presents previous ideas and knowledge already found regarding the topic and, more importantly, how these ideas relate to the study being pursued. It provides awareness of the problem being tackled, and also delves into the strengths and weaknesses of the topic. The dissertation literature review also allows the student or researcher to seek out more information about the topic.


The comprehensive dissertation literature review generally includes the following:


  • An overview of the subject being considered or the topic of research.
  • The related works classified under different categories such as those in support or opposed to the topic.
  • An analysis of the works included, providing an explanation on how such works are related to the topic of research.
  • Any conclusions gleaned from the brief but concise analysis of the reviewed information.


Note that at certain times, students may be tasked to produce literature reviews as a separate assignment, or as part of the preparation of their dissertation proposal. When tackling such tasks, students can take advantage of literature review examples.



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