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Admission Essay

The admission essay is a part of the application that you can directly control, so you must take advantage of the opportunity to give the admissions committee a view of your character, skills, background and writing ability written from your own point of view.

In over a decade of writing personal statements and custom admission essays, Essay Writer has observed several techniques in admission essay writing which we are sharing with you through the following tips:

Use your own words.Attempting to use big words not included in an average sixth former's vocabulary will sound as if you are desperately trying to impress, distracting the reader from the true purpose of your college admission essays which is to know what kind of individual you are.
Be interesting.Write about your experiences or achievements in a way that makes for an interesting read. Admissions tutors read lots of essays on a given day so if you can find a way for them to pay complete attention to your essay instead of just skimming through it, you stand to get a more favourable response.
Show, do not just tell. When making a declaration or generalisation about yourself, give examples using personal details demonstrating this trait or ability.
Be concise. Using too many words than necessary takes up space and tends to confuse the reader of the exact idea you are trying to convey. Use short sentences that are direct to the point.
Use appropriate language. Do not use slang terms, clichés, contractions, and a tone that is excessively casual as this will reflect poorly on how tutors will see your ability to do academic writing.

No one expects you to create your final admission essay with the first draft, so it is important to revise and seek different opinions from more knowledgeable and experienced people such as tutors, authorities in your field of study or students who have taken the same course.

A great option for admission essay help is to order custom admission essays that you can use to inspire your own writing from Essay Writer, one of the leading names in UK academic writing. Feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

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